> thies-krajacic project


A musical collaboration of two artists that predominantly live in different worlds - Robert Thies, a concert pianist, and Damjan Krajacic, a jazz flautist. Together they create music that ranges from quiet and reflective duets to powerful crossover quartets, all of original music.

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> krajacic / dedic / hollenbeck / gjakonovski


A modern jazz quartet that masterfully balances strong groove, expressive sophistication, and incredibly rich dynamics. Reminiscent of quality ECM sounding records this music demands space, touch, and groove while being packed in an emotionally charged performance.

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> damjan krajacic quintet


World jazz with the power of a rock band. Mixing timbres of flute, accordion and violin with a groove-minded electric bass and drums, the energy is in the moment, intense, adventurous, at times unsettling and experimental, and at times reminiscing, accepting and hypnotic.

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