Two musicians from quite different backgrounds came together on this album in musical friendship, and found a common language to express a wealth of beauty without imposing any limitations on creativity, expression or style. The result is a friendly collaboration: a wonderful alloy of the world’s musical traditions, with a result that is not only pleasant, but refreshing, heartfelt and hopeful. The sounds embrace our diverse musical heritage without being dogmatic, and point at a new era of true artistic collaboration across genres and styles, perhaps helping to pave the road towards a new way of capturing the human condition of our times. The refinement and sensitivity of the music draws from the depth of many hundreds of years of classical heritage, while the improvisations point at the great tradition of Jazz and ethnic expression. The individual tunes started mostly as lead sheets, some developing into complex forms with beautiful introductions, and extensive and inspired improvisations. Throughout the album, hints of Classical, Jazz, Cuban, Brazilian, and Eastern European sounds accompany the musical journey that hopefully creates a little difference for all of us.

Damjan Krajacic - Flute
Robert Thies - Piano

Produced by Damjan Krajacic & Robert Thies


“Damjan and Robert are true artists, both in their creativity and technique....the music bridges the gaps between classical and jazz and creates something quite surprising in its depth and passion...I highly recommend it!”

- Lisbeth Scott, composer and vocalist

“Krajacic has created an elegant and engaging musical product with his Difference CD. Damjan Krajacic's imagination isn't held by any boundaries. He is equally at home in introspective modern compositions as he is in Latin flavored up beat songs.”

- Paul De Castro, pianist, composer and college professor

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