Damjan Krajacic

Part afro-cuban, part modern, part world jazz – baCLAVE grooves deeply and speaks authentically with immense energy and profound sophistication. It has very much to do with the Cuban clave as it does with the infectious Balkan rhythms and melodies – a musical experience that crosses stylistic and ethnic boundaries. Led by Croatian-born flutist Damjan Krajacic, the music features some of the most prolific jazz and latin-jazz musicians from both the US and Europe.

Damjan Krajacic

Branko Sterpin (1, 5, 6),
Leider Chapotin (2, 3, 4, 7, 8)

Matija Dedic (1, 5, 6),
Otmaro Ruiz (2, 3, 4, 7, 8)

Goran Delac (1, 5, 6),
Sezin Ahmet Turkmenoglu (2, 3, 4, 7, 8)

Krunoslav Levacic (1, 5, 6),
Jimmy Branly (2, 3, 4, 7, 8)


"Jazz music is the one improvisational art medium that allows me to visit unknown sonic spaces. When the alchemy created by musicians’ nuanced interplay reveals the depth of their collective musical journeys as one, the “moment in time” becomes a transformational experience. The experience can happen when you listen to an artist’s work for the first time or over a sustained period of time.

This is the case with Damjan Krajacic. I have had the distinct privilege and honor to experience his art and musical growth over time. Through his flute playing, compositions, and collaborations, I have traveled to unknown sonic spaces. Where I have visited, the music has revealed beauty. baClave (Balkan clave), his tenth musical release as a solo artist, has once again transformed my experience. Joined by Jazz greats Otmaro Ruiz, Jimmy Branly, Leider Chapotin, Sezin Ahmet Turkmenoglu, and the formidable European contingent of Matija Dedic, Krunoslav Levacic, Branko Sterpin, and Goran Delac, Damjan presents a unique blend of Balkan Cuban jazz. If you are encountering him for the first time or have followed him as I have, you will agree that as you listen you will feel the difference, and the place you will go is lain in beauty."

~ Danilo Lozano


To the amazing musicians and friends on both continents that make this album meaningful, deep and special - Matija, Kruno, Branko, and Goran in Croatia and Otmaro, Jimmy, Leider and Ahmet in Los Angeles! I am forever grateful for your friendship and your passion that speaks with every note that graces this music. To Bojan and Talley for your exceptional sound crafting. To Jimmy for putting the tunes and mix together and making everything sound so good. To Sabian for your special final touches in mastering, as always. To Dean, for your friendship and amazing artwork. To Daniela and my two girls, Lara and Nika, for putting up with me and my obsessions, for your love and light, and your spirit. This music has as much of you in it as it does of me.

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