Thies-Krajacic Project


Robert Thies – piano
Damjan Krajacic – flute

A musical collaboration of two artists that predominantly live in different worlds – Robert Thies, a concert pianist, and Damjan Krajacic, a jazz flautist. Together they create music that ranges from quiet and reflective duets to powerful crossover quartets, all of original music.


Music to quiet the mind and nurture the soul, this album is deeply meditative, and through the use of acoustic instruments and subtle melodies, it evokes beautiful natural landscapes where one can experience inner peace and tranquility.

Blue Landscapes features quiet and reflective music with splashes of vivid colors over a transparent musical veil. Melodies rise from the moods that the musical backdrop inspires, allowing more active listeners to fill in the musical spaces with their imagination. Others may be swept up by the undulating grooves or find themselves in a contemplative and peaceful mood.



“Beautiful, very deep, simple and sophisticated.”

~ Patrick Kirst, film composer

“Here is something so organic, so naturally flowing, creating the perfect atmosphere of relaxation, melancholy, and total harmony, something that is impossible not to love. It is simple in its perfection, but not simplistic – freed away from fanciness, but very sincere, pure, ethereal, and replete with human emotion. I have never heard music quite like this. Absolutely amazing.”

~ Egle Januleviciute, concert pianist


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